I teach people how to speak from the heart with their bodies.
  • Over the weekend, I was given the greatest privilege to teach in Nuevo Leon, Mexico with these wonderful people!  

    I would’ve said wonderful “choreographers,” but… to be very honest, Tony, Matt, and Erica are astonishing human beings who are filled with so much light to share with others.  They aren’t just teachers, they are beautiful souls who see dancers beyond their movement.  They know how to look at people and see them beneath the exterior, which is very valuable in this world saturated with “teachers.”  It’s impossible to express in just a few sentences how much I’m inspired by them to become a better me, but thank you Erica, Matt, and Tony for being great examples of what a leader and teacher should be.

    Thank you Renee for fun times and the laughs.  You protected me in the car from shooting up through the roof!  GOT EMS!  I owe you my life ;)  I hope to see you in LA more!

    Thank you to Jason, Emmanuel, Maite and the whole crew for this amazing opportunity. Round 2 of Monterrey was even better than the first, and I was thoroughly pleased with everything.  You all deserve a vacation for your hard work!  You really know how to take care of people and I can’t thank you enough for your hospitality.

    To all of the dancers and beautiful people of Monterrey— I am very blessed to have shared this experience with you.  I’m thankful for the laughs, the music, the food, the friendship, and the Tequila!  Your hunger and passion has reignited my fire.  Thank you for pushing.  Thank you for learning with open minds and ears.  Thank you for your culture and your friendliness.  My heart melts for you all, and I hope to see you again soon.

    God bless Mexico.  Muchas gracias and I love you.

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