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Teaching in Hemet on Thursday! 

2nd time at this nice studio :) let’s have some fun!

Teaching in Hemet on Thursday!

2nd time at this nice studio :) let’s have some fun!

Drake - Hold On We’re Going Home

Some fun in the studio with good friends Chantelle Rose and Teresa Ofoia. These beautiful ladies color my life with friendship, support, and laughs! Thank you both for your time and talent. @chantellemrose @fatherteresaa Thank you to John Shih, @jyshih21 for filming and to @whatmovesu for your beautiful studio!

Thank you to @joesaralva for .. everything! To have a boyfriend and best friend like you is truly an amazing experience.

One thing that dancers in California may do is make a 12 hour roundtrip within 24 hours to perform at an event.

From SoCal to NorCal, here’s Gigi’s “Girl On Fire” performed by Liz, Darina, Gigi, Angelina, and I.

DamSF February 2013

It’s definitely been a long time since I’ve posted a video. 

Here’s my latest:  Letoya — Love Rollercoaster

I’ll do better to post more :)  Thanks to everyone for your loyal and loving support.  I really appreciate it and it is a God given blessing to be able to have you in my life… even from the other side of a computer screen.

Give it up for some of my favorite girls:
Akane Takekawa
Asaki Imai
Beverly Bautista
Chikako Itagaki
Hikari Nakahashi
Winnie Chang

Thank you :)

ADORATION by April Rodriguez

There are a few milestones in life that I aim to achieve. Some of my past milestones were to be on Small Flags in High School, to get back into Hula, to take classes regularly at Millennium/Debbie, to attend Monsters, to dance in a music video, to travel the world… there are lots of milestones I want to achieve in life and “things to do before I die.” After 3 weeks of choreographing, planning, conceptualizing, and rehearsing, I finally put on my FIRST choreographed number. You may be wondering why I felt it was so difficult. Well, throughout my entire life, I’ve run away from any leadership position. If there was any opportunity for me to take the reigns on a project, I would quickly back away. I think that stems from feelings of inadequacy or having self-doubt.. feeling that I don’t have what it takes.. This is me, my entire life.

But… when I think about all the moments of my past that have strengthened me and educated me, it’s always been the moments that were the hardest. Knowing that my decisions and work ethic would affect the outcome of my piece, I felt a lot of pressure to do a good job not just for myself, but for the dancers I chose to work with.. and I have to admit that I cracked under this pressure behind close doors many times. I was a wreck this past month, but after seeing the final product, I was so happy.

I learned a lot through this. I learned a lot about time management, planning and scheduling, the importance of honest communication, the heights and limits of my artistic capability, and the strengths and weaknesses of my voice as a director.

Through this, I thank all of my dancers for their patience, hard work, and encouraging support: Asaki Imai, Amy Lee, Jennifer Tang, Clarizcel Perez, Amanda Grind, Chantelle Rose, Mando Cardona, Josh Gilmore, Anthony Qureshi, Muhd Zaihar, Ronnie Chen, David Ng, Bobby Dacones. I was especially excited to have the Singaporeans dance with me. They were a lifesaver to me. I really admire their passion, drive, and dedication. Never once did I have to worry about them being focused and wanting to do well. I respect their work ethic, so much! Thank you for that, you three :) A big thank you to Essence for giving me this platform to showcase my work and for the encouragement, always. These ladies are so talented and so supportive. I have so much respect for them and I envy their qualities. Essence has always forced me into uncomfortable places that eventually make me stronger. Another big thanks to Joesar Alva for helping me with the choreography and for pushing me beyond my capabilities. Through both the ups and downs of our relationship, I can find inspiration.. I can find my way. Thank you to everyone who’s always supported me. I really appreciate it and don’t know where I would be without your love and support.

Andye J, Gigi Torres, Kris Engelstad, Aubrey Caldwell, Leslie Baker invite you to Essence’s EMPOWER  this Sunday, June 5th.  

The year of the WOMAN.  For all the ladies out there!

This ain’t no joke…

Domestic violence happens in the home, behind closed doors to women you probably know.  Whatever skin color… rich or poor… however educated… The statistics say it happens to 1 in every 4 women.  Take you and a few of your homegirls, your family—your aunts, your cousins… 1 in 4.  Women are living in fear of the ones they love in their own homes.  They are afraid to speak up, to seek help, and to get out.  This is a dangerous, life-threatening problem, and often swept under the rug until it’s too late.  The results are painful.. mentally, spiritually, and physically.. even fatal.  This needs to stop, and we should do what we can as a community.

This Sunday, Essence is throwing a Benefit in support for all women out there who’ve experienced domestic violence in their lives.  Proceeds of this event @ the Music Box in Hollywood will go to the Jenesse Center for Domestic Violence Intervention

If you or anyone you know has experienced this in their lives, please join us in our cause to EMPOWER women everywhere.

mark your calendars.SUNDAY, JUNE 5th6pm-Midnight @ Music Box in Hollywood 


mark your calendars.
6pm-Midnight @ Music Box in Hollywood 

my 5th boogiezone class!  here’s a collab piece i choreographed with my japanese twin @asakiimai for Essence week.

congrats to asaki for getting nominated @ the monsters of hip hop convention in Santa Clara this year!!!!  everyone wish her luck :D