I teach people how to speak from the heart with their bodies.
  • It’s definitely been a long time since I’ve posted a video. 

    Here’s my latest:  Letoya — Love Rollercoaster

    I’ll do better to post more :)  Thanks to everyone for your loyal and loving support.  I really appreciate it and it is a God given blessing to be able to have you in my life… even from the other side of a computer screen.

    Give it up for some of my favorite girls:
    Akane Takekawa
    Asaki Imai
    Beverly Bautista
    Chikako Itagaki
    Hikari Nakahashi
    Winnie Chang

    Thank you :)

  • First new routine after coming back from the Philippines!

    **I told Xernan and David that I would do a video for them.. which I have not yet… and I owe ‘em, so.. be on the lookout.  I promise I’ll do it :)  Sorry, and I love you guys, but I need more time haha!**

    Woke up at 8am, drove to Starbucks for my daily coffee, heard this song on the radio, came back home to choreograph, then taught this routine 4 hours later at Debbie’s.  I was pretty delirious and had been dancing for hours straight prior to teaching… but it felt good to be back in mah studio!

    This video is from my 2nd round of teaching this routine… trying to get back into choreo-mode.  Check it.